Our mission is to facilitate the emergence of a low-carbon and competitive energy mix with a high share of renewables.


The technical solutions to facilitate the emergence of an energy mix with a high share of renewables are widely known. Yet, scaling up their deployment rapidly and sustainably remains a challenge to be tackled in order to meet climate targets.

Verso Energy is committed to accelerate the deployment of these solutions by mobilizing its expertise and financial capacities to carry out the development, engineering, financing, construction and operation of green hydrogen production facilities, dispatchable renewable power plants, and battery energy storage systems.

Low-carbon hydrogen production

Renewable power generation

Battery energy storage systems

Demand response


Verso Energy was co-founded by Xavier Caïtucoli and Antoine Huard. They first met in 2020 and realized they shared a common vision: energy transition is entering a new era, and the models which were in place over the past ten years to initiate the first projects are no longer suitable to support the massive conversion of our energy systems to renewables transition. These models will be deeply disrupted in the coming decade.

8 years of experience in solar project development in France and various regions worldwide has helped Antoine building his conviction that a low-carbon and competitive energy mix with a high share of renewables is possible. Financial support from Xavier’s investment company Crescendix, enables Verso Energy to contribute more rapidly and more efficiently to the fulfilment of this vision.

Xavier Caïtucoli

Antoine Huard